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Many Psychics can read the astral plane and thereby predict the future with astonishing accuracy. Some can work their magick and spell cast on the astral plane to bring about powerful changes in the lives of others.

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Tarot Reading & Magick Casting

Man is firmly convinced that he is awake; in reality he is caught in a net of sleep and dreams which he has unconsciously woven himself.

– Gustave Meyrink –


My solemn mission is to enlighten and prepare individuals for upcoming circumstances and events, to bring awareness, and empower them in creating their desired outcomes.


My sacred vision is to share my gifts of second sight and the ability to influence using mind over matter, expand the limited minds of others and accelerate their progress into awakened reality.

welcome to Magickus

About Tarot & Magick

Tarot cards have been used for centuries, by many people worldwide to reveal future trends and possibilities, and guide them when making decisions.

Magick has been practiced by magickians, witches and shamans, since the beginning of time, to bring about powerful changes in the lives of others.



Soul Reading

Just like your fingerprint or DNA, true astrology is completely unique to you. Astrology gives an incredible insight into your personality. The interpretation of an astrological birth chart as a whole will paint the picture of the character and soul attributes of the individual. 



Rune Reading

Rune casting should be seen as a tool for guidance, working with the subconscious and focusing on the questions that might be underlying in your mind. You can take a look at current dynamics and what will happen if you follow the path you are on. 



Absent Healing

Magickus has the ability to channel through the Higher Power’s healing energy or ‘Light’ into a recipient’s aura, even from a vast distance. This type of healing can be particularly beneficial to those who have tried traditional methods and discovered that it has not addressed or healed their psychical or psychological issues or emotional wounds.



Card Reading

The tarot provide extremely useful insights, predictions and advice regarding upcoming opportunities and events; love, relationships, finances, career, health, travel, fortune, spiritual guidance, success and more.  And, offers you the opportunity to steer your life away from potentially negative experiences towards positive outcomes, giving ultimate peace of mind.



Blessings Casting

If you are in need of more light and good fortune in your life, a white candle will be annointed, blessed and lit, along with an invocation to the Higher Power summoning healing, protection, guidance, wisdom and love to be granted to you. Magickus will send you love and astral light to give you strength and help you to attract much more fortunate circumstances and experiences.

Text A Psychic

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Text A Psychic

Simply text ESP followed by a space and your question, problem or concern to receive a prompt reply.

Example: ESP Shall I move house soon?

Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Think of your question.
  2. Send your text message.
  3. Await your prompt reply!
Some Helpful Tips

Our Psychics will tell you what they see for you and offer insights and guidance. Also, they are happy to focus on a particular area of your life and answer any specific questions you may have.

Areas of focus may include:

Love and relationships, work and career, home, travel, opportunities, spiritual growth, psychic development, fame and fortune etc..

Suggested questions may include:

  • ESP Will I hear from ______?
  • ESP When will ______ return to me?
  • ESP Is it wise for me to make contact at this time?
  • ESP What are my chances of my love being returned?
  • ESP Will ______ and I be happy?
  • ESP Is ______ my soulmate?
  • ESP Does ______ love me?
  • ESP Shall I keep this persons affections?
  • ESP Does ______ love me as much as he/she used to?
  • ESP How can I make myself more appealing to ______?
  • ESP Shall I marry this person?
  • ESP Shall I benefit by this relationship?
  • ESP Is this partnership wise?
  • ESP Will I be happier with a male or female partner?
  • ESP Shall I be accepted if I come out of the closet?
  • ESP Will marriage or commitment bring me happiness?
  • ESP Is my partner faithful?
  • ESP Is my partner gay/straight?
  • ESP Is ______ a true friend to me?
  • ESP Does ______ forgive me?
  • ESP Does ______ only want me for my money?
  • ESP What does ______ really think of me?
  • ESP Does ______ fancy me?
  • ESP Shall I undertake this pleasure?
  • ESP Does the person I am thinking about at this moment ever think of me?
  • ESP Will ______ remember me?
  • ESP Will ______ ever change for the better?
  • ESP Am I thought beautiful/handsome?
  • ESP Should I give ______ an ultimatum?
  • ESP Ought I make the first move to patch up a quarrel?
  • ESP How will this quarrel end?
  • ESP Should I forgive him/her now or make him/her suffer longer?
  • ESP What will happen if I am discovered in my deception?
  • ESP What can I do to prevent my secret coming out?
  • ESP Should I make a fresh start?
  • ESP How can I mend my broken heart?
  • ESP Have I any rivals for his/her affections?
  • ESP Why does ______ prefer her/him to me?
  • ESP What will my future partner be like?
  • ESP How many lovers shall I have?
  • ESP Will children take the romance out of my marriage?
  • ESP Will my family prosper?
  • ESP Is my pet happy?
  • ESP Shall I live long?
  • ESP Will my old age be passed happily?
  • ESP Will I get a job soon?
  • ESP Would a job in ______ or ______ be better for me?
  • ESP Am I in the right job?
  • ESP Shall I soon have success or a promotion at work?
  • ESP Shall I be famous?
  • ESP Shall I ever succeed in The Arts?
  • ESP Do I have psychic abilities?
  • ESP What are my positive character traits?
  • ESP What are my best assets?
  • ESP What do people most like about me?
  • ESP What are my faults that people dare not tell me?
  • ESP What can I do to improve myself?
  • ESP What does the world think of me?
  • ESP Shall I become more popular and respected?
  • ESP Shall I achieve my life’s ambition?
  • ESP What is my life’s purpose?
  • ESP What is the current karmic lesson I need to learn?
  • ESP Shall I move house soon?
  • ESP Would a property in ______ or ______ be better for me?
  • ESP Shall I ever live in a foreign country?
  • ESP The worry that torments me, will it last long?
  • ESP Will the news I am waiting for come soon?
  • ESP What should I do about my money worries?
  • ESP Shall I inherit very much?
  • ESP Shall I travel much more in my life?
  • ESP Shall I die single, married or widowed?
  • ESP Shall I have many burdens to bear?
  • ESP How much longer will my grief last?
  • ESP Shall I get what I want from the situation I am in?
  • ESP Shall I win?
  • ESP Will the agreement reached be favourable or unfavourable?
  • ESP How shall I get out of the difficulty?
  • ESP Will there be greater harmony if I do this thing?
  • ESP Shall I ever be truly happy?
  • ESP Shall I win money, or games of chance?
  • ESP Will a change produce financial benefit?
  • ESP Shall I be rich?
  • ESP Will it benefit me financially?
  • ESP Will I lose money or valuables?
  • ESP Which are my best years?
  • ESP Ought I confess all to ______?
  • ESP Shall I do it?
  • ESP Should I make this journey?
  • ESP Will a new venture be wise?
  • ESP Am I doing the right thing?
  • ESP Dare I make this change?
  • ESP Will these plans mature successfully?
  • ESP Shall I encounter difficulties?
  • ESP Shall I succeed at this endeavour?
  • ESP Will I suffer any loss by this action?
  • ESP Is this speculation likely to succeed?
  • ESP Is there a change in my life this year?
  • ESP Shall I ever have my hearts desire?
  • ESP The wish I have at the moment, will it be granted?
  • ESP Are there Spirits watching over me?
  • ESP Do you have a message for me?
  • ESP Do you have a warning for me?

You may ask ANYTHING you wish except on legal, financial, health or pregnancy issues.

SMS cost £1.00 per msg, max 3 replies per msg sent. Standard network charges apply for msgs sent. 18+. SP: InverOak.com PO Box 10015, CM1 9HH. To opt-out of free promo msgs send STOP to 760016. Helpline 0330 114 0300.

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