Candle Blessing


As Light dispels Darkness, a Candle Blessing is a powerful and effective means of focusing psychic energy and directing it at will to bring incredible positive changes.


Simply put, a Candle Blessing is performed for overall Good Fortune.

A Candle Blessing is particularly beneficial if you have had a series of unfortunate events, a spell of bad luck, if you are experiencing any of the following; tiredness, depression, malaise, illness, nightmares, suicidal thoughts, psychic attack, if you believe you have been ill-wished, hexed or cursed by someone, or if you are just run down, fed up and out of luck. Perhaps, things aren’t too bad, but they could be a lot better!

Interestingly, a blessing will nullify a curse, or to put it another way; a Candle Blessing will remove negative and dark energies from your aura by refilling with positive energies and light.

Candle Blessings may need repeating when necessary, just like any method of psychic or spiritual space clearing.

✓ Blessings are promptly cast and a confirmation email is delivered to your inbox within 48 hours, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

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